• Wait for the bookings to open.
      It will be announced here and social media.
    • Click on appointment when the bookings are open.
    • Fill in the form & send.

    • You mailed me for an appointment?
      I will answer your questions and will tell you when the bookings will open.

    • Priority. 
      Pieces in my style and flash and things that have my interest will have priority with planning in.
      Smaller things like names I will fit inbetween these appointments.
      I would love to specialize even more in my style or things that I would love to do and less of other things that are less my thing.
      What I do: fauna&flora, animal portraits, fine line tattoos in general. 

    • Not my style?
      I will refer you to an artist I recommend for what you want.


    • I ONLY work with black/grey and white ink.

      Sometimes on request with red ink too. But I have to know it as soon as you make an appointment that you want red ink, I will have to order it.
    • I don't tattoo hands, fingers, sides of  the feet, throat or the face.

    • Are you breastfeeding or pregnant? I can't tattoo you.

    • Only make an appointment if you are sure about the tattoo that you want.

    • Please always be patient with me, I'm alone to do all the work ( mails, design, tattooing, cleaning ). Sometimes getting an answer can take a while.


    • You can pay with cash. There is a bank next to the shop
    • Wear something easy where I can reach the spot where you want the tattoo. 
      - ribs: loose t-shirt or bikini top
    • There is parking in the street with a blue card you can stay there for 2h.
    • Otherwise there is a big parking at the roundabout where you can park as long as you want. not the first and last section, that's a blue zone too.


    • I do not copy work from other artists.
      You can show reference pictures. But I will never just copy paste a piece from another artist.

    • I always work together with my clients to create an unique design.

    • I never make a design without an appointment.

    • Price depends on the size, amout of work I will have on the tattoo. I will ask what I think the tattoo is worth.
      I can always give you an idea of the price of how much your tattoo will be.

    • You get your design only one day before the appointment. Some small changes can be made in the design.
      ( Please deliver me all the right information beforehand. )

    • My price starts at 100 euros. 


    • You have to put your deposit in the first 2 weeks of MAKING your appointment.

    • You can only cancel or move your appointment by mailing me that you will cancel the appointment.

    • You can cancel 48h before the appointment and get your deposit back in giftcard.

    • 15 min too late without a notice? You lose your appointment and your deposit.

    • You don't cancel on time or you don't show up on your appointment? You lose your deposit.

    • No cashback.

    • You are 16 or 17 and you don't have your parent with you. You don't get your deposit back.


    • 1st day:
      - Keep your tattoo wrapped for about 2h
      - clean it and but your balsem on
      - Wrap your tattoo for the night ( only the first night )
      - Clean it again in the morning

    • .How to clean:
      - warm water
      - be gentle, don't rub 
      - do not use a washing cloth, only clean hands
      - don't soak your tattoo  ( no baths or long showers )
      - remove all ink or blood

    • After cleaning:
      - Pat it dry with kitchen paper

      - No not use a towel 
      - put cream on when it's dry

    • What to put on your tattoo:
      - Bepanthen, cicaplast balsem or what I sell in the shop.
      - NO vaseline or nivea or other body lotions
      - 1st week 3-4 times a day
      - 2nd week 2 times a day
      - 3rd week 1 time a day
      - try to clean your tattoo before putting new balsem on again

    • Dusty work or dirty environment:
      - please wrap your tattoo so it does not get infected
      - let the tattoo breathe and clean it again as soon as you get home

    • what not to do:
      - no not touch your tattoo with dirty hands. Always wash them before touching.
      - do not go smimming/ sauna / bath or go in the sun with your fresh tattoo for 4 weeks.
      - do not put suncreen on in the first 3 weeks. 
      - If your tattoo start to itch, do not pick or scratch the tattoo! 

    • after 4 weeks
      - Contact me again on:
      - Send me a picture of your healed tattoo. Good light, close picture.
      - If it needs a touch-up I will tell you!
      - you can go in the sun again (with factor 50 )and go swimming or take a bath.

    If you have question: